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Pradeep Walia Philanthropic Vision

March 28, 2017
Throughout the various stages of his life Pradeep Kumar Walia has demonstrated a strong level of resilience and an ability to overcome adversity. Way back 1987, Pradeep arrived in Pennsylvania from Calcutta, India with a total of $20 in his pocket, but in less than a decade, he had received a remarkable education from Slippery Rock University, an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University. In addition, he had also founded and ran Atlas Software, a $20 million company. As always, however, there is more to the story.

While his own life has featured high highs and low lows, Pradeep Walia has always done his best to help others. Even at his lowest points, he has always tried to help those less fortunate. He has always volunteered his time, whether he was helping Mother Teresa’s orphans or providing blankets to those who were out in the cold, even when he had next to nothing himself. That spirit continues to this day, although now he uses his business prowess to help along philanthropic endeavors.