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How Pradeep Walia Makes Life Better

December 30, 2016
There are aspects of Pradeep Walia’s life story that tend to remind some of the Hollywood movies he is hoping to make someday. After all, he did go from arriving in the U.S, with $20 total to running a $20 million company and that is a very good story. However, what he wants to be known for his his willingness to help others obtain what he has these days. He has never forgotten the tough times and he wants to help those who are less fortunate. He has always felt that way, and now he has the ability to do something about it.

Some time ago, Pradeep Walia couldn’t afford to give people money, so he had a tendency to volunteer as much time as he could, whether it was helping Mother Teresa distribute blankets to the cold and homeless or it was easing the suffering of the children in one of her orphanages. These days, Pradeep Walia tries to use his ability to make money to support more philanthropic endeavors. For example, the foundation that bears his name has created some NGOs in India, such as Jimba, that try to help the poor navigate capitalism in a way that brings them out of poverty.