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Giving is About More Than Money - Pradeep Walia

September 25, 2016
To give money is great and benefits many people, but to give of your time requires something more. It requires effort and dedication as well as sometimes putting you places you may not want to be. Giving has always been a continued theme for Pradeep Walia’s life; a theme of making money and then giving it away has been the motto he lives by.

But more than just giving money, Pradeep Walia also gives of his time. He has volunteered for many different organizations like Warm Blankets Orphan Care and Mother Teresa Orphanage. When times are good, Pradeep Walia enjoys being able to provide relief financially, but if he couldn’t afford to give money, he would volunteer his time because that is something anyone can give. It says much about a person when looking at their actions when they themselves are struggling.

The transition to the United States was not an easy transition for Pradeep Walia with everything from culture to language barriers, but he worked hard to overcome his struggles and managed to keep his life motto of helping others at the same time. He studied and gained a Bachelor's as well as Master’s degree, started his own company and then worked in the nonprofit sector. For Pradeep Walia, no matter his own circumstances, up or down, he manages to push through and give back to those in need.