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A Theme of Volunteerism, Pradeep Walia

June 18, 2016
If there is one particular theme that can be seen by Pradeep Walia, it is one of volunteerism. He believes deeply in the importance of faith in the of helping others. And not just helping others when it suits you, but no matter your own circumstances, putting other’s needs first. When Pradeep Walia came to the United States, he worked hard to be able to graduate from Slippery Rock University. After receiving his diploma, he then went on to found Atlas Software. After that, he earned his Master’s in Business Administration from CMU. After achieving success through academics and business, he felt it was time to move to the Nonprofit sector. This continued with the theme for Pradeep Walia’s life of making money and then giving it away.

More than just money, Pradeep Walia also gave of his time. For organizations like Warm Blankets Orphan Care and Mother Teresa Orphanage, if he couldn’t afford to give money, he would volunteer his time. It truly says a lot about a person to see what they do when they themselves are struggling. Coming to the United States was not an easy transition for Pradeep Walia, but he worked through the struggle and managed to keep his faith in helping others as well. For Pradeep Walia, no matter his own circumstances, good or bad, he manages to push through and give back.